5 Math Minds
When you come across a problem, how do you approach it? We have classified the different ways you might tackle a question into these patterns, five different thinking strategies. Which one makes up your math mind?
To solve questions quickly you need to use the right strategy. Sometimes to work out a tough puzzle you might need a combination of different strategies too. By combining them we can create a ‘Library of Hows’

How to Enrich Your Library of Hows

Remembering how you solve a math or logic problem will help you when you come across another difficult question. By building a library of ‘Hows’ inside your brain, you give yourself a toolbox that will help you take on a wide range of puzzles & problems. By tying together different Math Minds, your Library of ‘Hows’ becomes richer. And with a richer library, the faster ideas will come to your head.